Advanced Certificate in Jewellery Design and Making

  • Course Objective

      This course combines Certificate course on Jewellery Design manual Illustration and the Certificate Course on Jewellery Making. This course is mainly for those who are interested in jewellery design and wish to make a career out of it. This course includes techniques used in designing and making exotic jewellery. Keeping in mind the trending jewellery designs, the course breaks down the various aspects involved in the development and creation of such fashionable ornaments.

  • Course Content
      • Pencil sketching

      • Orthographic view and perspective view of jewels

      • Color rendering of jewellery (rings, Bangles, Earrings, brooches, Chains)

      • Metal and Gemstone Rendering

      • Paper Quilling

      • Wooden Jewellery

      • Leather Jewellery

      • Terracotta jewellery

      • Beadwork

      • Crochet Jewellery

      • Silk thread jewellery

  • Career Options
    • Major Job Titles & Roles:
      • Hand Sketch Designer for jewellery manufacture

      • Jewellery designer in fashion boutique

      • Hand sketch designer in jewellery retail store

      • Theatre Design

      • Fashion jewellery