Professional in jewellery design & manufacturing

  • Course Objective

      DreamZone offer professional certification course in jewellery designing and manufacturing that equips aspirants with design knowledge and technique to manufacture jewellery. This is an advanced certification course on jewellery design, illustration, and jewellery manufacturing. This lets aspirants to create their own range of jewellery styles and launch them in the market.

  • Curriculum

      Our courseware includes the basics of designing jewellery using both manual techniques and software tools. We have designed our curriculum for students to learn drafting, design theory, shading, how to illustrate form and shape using several mediums, and more. They also learn about various gemstones and their properties, different styles of jewellery making and their history to develop real aesthetics of designing ornaments. They are also trained to manufacturing metal jewellery.

  • Course Content
      • Pencil sketching

      • Orthographic view and perspective view of jewels

      • Color rendering of jewellery (rings, Bangles, Earrings, brooches, Chains)

      • Metal and Gemstone Rendering

      • Paper Quilling

      • Wooden Jewellery

      • *Leather Jewellery

      • *Terracotta jewellery

      • *Beadwork

      • *Crochet Jewellery

      • *Silk thread jewellery

  • Career Options
    • Major Job Titles & Roles:
      • Hand Sketch Designer for jewellery manufacture

      • Jewellery designer in fashion boutique

      • Hand sketch designer in jewellery retail store

      • Theatre Design

      • Fashion jewellery